125 g/l fluazifop-p-butyl. A herbicide for post emergence control of annual and perennial grass-weeds and volunteer cereals in broad leaved crops, farm forestry and non-cropped field margins.

Fast and Reliable results, Fusilade Max is a fast acting formulation utilising Isolink technology for optimised performance.


  • Advanced “Isolink” technology inside, surfactants and penetrant in the formulation provide a quicker dilution in water and greater uptake of AI for faster, more robust and more reliable control of grass weeds.
  • Tough on hard to kill weeds like Volunteer Cereals, Bromes, Wild Oats, Ryegrass and Couch.
  • Has a broad label.
  • A resistance management tool, it can be used across a wide range of rotational crops to allow diversity in your crop protection programme.