310g/l dichlorprop-p + 160g/l MCPA + 130g/l mecoprop-p

A soluble concentrate formulation containing 310 g/L (26.2% w/w) dichlorprop-p acid, 160 g/L (13.5% w/w) MCPA acid and 130 g/L (11.0% w/w) mecoprop-p acid formulated as the dimethylamine salt for the control of broad-leaved weeds in cereals.

Understanding the phenoxies in Isomec Ultra


With its roots extending back to investigation of auxins in 1936, MCPA was first synthesised in 1945 and has been used as a powerful selective herbicide ever since. Nufarm manufactures MCPA from its state of the art production facilities in Wyke Bradford.

• Formulated as a salt or an ester, MCPA offers a good broad-leaved spectrum in cereals
and grassland.
• Rate response depends on species and size but generally you need 500-750g active in mixtures in cereals minimum.
• Use in cereals is increasing to control SU resistant weeds such as Poppy.
• Boosts Thistle, Fat hen and Hempnettle control in cereals.
• Controls Thistles and Buttercups in grassland.


Discovered by Boots Agrochemicals in 1945. It was initially a mix of two isomers, now single isomer Dichlorprop-p. Dichlorprop-p is not available for use as a straight active.

• Improved control of polygonum weeds such as Black bindweed & Redshank over CMPP-P.
• Ideal product for spring barley.
• More temperature dependant than CMPP-P.