SEALICIT with PSI ® 759 Precision Technology is a novel biostimulant that reduces pod shatter in oilseed rape and enhances yield via a single foliar application before flowering.

Conveniently applied with other crop protection inputs, SEALICIT’s systemic activity protects pods throughout the canopy right from the moment they form, fine-tuning gene expression that results in reduced seed shedding prior to harvest.


SEALICIT delivers:

  1. Targeted effects – PSI® 759 Precision Technology leads to physiological changes in developing plant tissues.
  2. Guaranteed quality – CE mark awarded for independently verified crop effects; every batch tested to ensure consistent efficacy.
  3. Flexibility – wide application window, more flexible desiccation and harvest timings.
  4. Improved pod integrity – reduced tendency to split during ripening; lower losses in the event of harvest difficulties or delays.