Learn more about phenoxies

At Nufarm, we believe that within the current agricultural climate, phenoxies have an essential role to play. With resistance on the rise, the unique mode of action of phenoxies becomes more relevant than ever.

We encourage the new generation of agronomists and growers to learn more about phenoxies, as well as invite those already established in the industry to rediscover how to best utilise phenoxy herbicides.

What are phenoxies?

Phenoxies is a general term to describe a group of herbicides that mimic the effect of natural plant hormones called auxins.

Since the 1940’s

Developed and commercialized in 1946, phenoxies are amongst the world’s most widely used herbicides.

Leaders in phenoxy

We are a global leader in manufacture, supply and marketing of phenoxy herbicides. With manufacturing plants in the UK, Australia and Austria.

Quality manufacturing

Nufarm manufacture from raw material so we can guarantee the quality of finished product.

Manage resistance

Phenoxy herbicides play a special role in managing resistance because they have the lowest risk of fostering the development of resistance.

The perfect partner

The phenoxy herbicides are often mixed with resistance prone broad leaf weed herbicides or used in rotations to delay resistance.

Phenoxies are the foundation of weed control in our industry. They were important 60 years ago, and they will be integral to improving yield and resistance management for the next 60 years. 

– Annabel Roedhammer, Herbicides Manager, Nufarm Europe

manage resistance with us

Knowing mechanisms and groups of herbicide is important in order to manage resistance. Herbicide resistance is the inherent ability of a weed to survive a herbicide rate that would normally control it. This is not the same phenomena as poor herbicide performance. If herbicide resistance develops, other herbicides or different control methods will have to be used to control a weed. These options may be more expensive or less effective.

Once developed, herbicide resistance will persist for many years.

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