160 g/l 2,4-D + 240 g/l glyphosate. For total weed control in intercrops and orchards. The combined modes of action result in faster, longer lasting and enhanced efficacy.


  • Fast acting herbicide for stubble clean up.
  • Controls weeds such as Volunteer oilseed rape, Black bindweed and many other broadleaved weeds which are difficult to kill with straight glyphosate.
  • Grassland destruction recommendation giving improved and quicker control of weeds such as Docks.
  • Fast and long lasting action- one application for target weeds
  • Extended weed spectrum to manage touch to control weeds like thistles, horsetails, VOSR…
  • Use less glyphosate per hectare, you can reduce by half the amount of glyphosate per hectare with the same result
  • Safe formulation for trees in orchards
  • Easy made cropping, to sow quicker in a clean plot for intercrops and to reduce pre-sowing intervals compared to straight 2,4-D