160 g/l 2,4-D + 240 g/l glyphosate. For total weed control in intercrops and orchards. The combined modes of action result in faster, longer lasting and enhanced efficacy.


  • Fast acting herbicide for stubble clean up, controlling BLW in stubble.
  • Controls weeds such as Volunteer oilseed rape, Black bindweed and many other broadleaved weeds which are difficult to kill with straight glyphosate.
  • Grassland destruction recommendation giving improved and quicker control of weeds such as Docks.
  • Fast and long lasting action- one application for target weeds
  • Extended weed spectrum to manage touch to control weeds like thistles, horsetails, VOSR…
  • Use less glyphosate per hectare, you can reduce by half the amount of glyphosate per hectare with the same result
  • Safe formulation for trees in orchards
  • Easy made cropping, to sow quicker in a clean plot for intercrops and to reduce pre-sowing intervals compared to straight 2,4-D
Kyleo Stubble Clean Up

Shorter planting intervals than you may think!

After applying KYLEO, the minimum supported planting intervals for cereals are:

3 days before drilling wheat;

5 days before barley;

7 days before oats, rye or triticale.

Crop to follow KYLEO application Minimum planting/drilling delay
Wheat, maize 3 days
Barley, 5 days
Oats, rye, triticale, 7 days
Ryegrass 7 days (or 28 days if direct-drilled)
Lucerne, clover, cover crops 14 days (or 28 days if direct-drilled)
Peas, field beans, stubble turnips 21 days
Linseed, sugar beet, onions (drilled or sets),
oilseed rape, potatoes, carrots, parsnips
28 days
Vegetables, sunflowers 60 days
Kyleo Grassland Destruction:

KYLEO is the ideal choice for grassland destruction, whether reseeding with grass or preparing to return ground to arable production.

Compared to straight glyphosate, KYLEO has been shown
to offer superior control of difficult weeds
such as nettles,
thistles, docks, clover and more.

If ploughing, a 7 day interval is required before
sowing new grass, or a 14 day interval if establishing
grass with clover.

If direct-drilling new grass or clover, a 28 day interval
must elapse before planting starts

Cereals can be established shortly after applying KYLEO;
minimum planting intervals are 3 days for wheat and
5 days for barley.

See page 2 for full details of the minimum supported
planting intervals for a wide range of other crops.

Kyleo Cover Crop Destruction:

Destruction of catch crops and cover crops with dense canopies may not be straightforward:

  • Straight glyphosate products may not deliver a thorough kill, especially of mixtures containing vetches.
  • KYLEO has a highly efficient surfactant system and contains 2,4-D in addition to glyphosate, but it is still important to maintain rates and maximise target coverage to ensure effective and rapid destruction of all species in the mix.